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Happy Mothers Day

It is a bit strange that we set aside one day a year to honor Mom and motherhood because where I sit it is something we need to honor every hour of every day.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things about life.

The combination of unrelenting love and equally unrelenting demands is a potent mix.

It is the thing that makes us grow up and be what we are.

So let’s celebrate motherhood and the mothers in our life today, and every day.

Happy Mothers Day.

Tactics without strategy is a scrum

When your timeline is an hour or a day, it’s easy to get in the tactical groove.

But repeat that hour after hour, day after day, and all you’re making is a mess.

This is bureaucracy run amok. This is busy-ness, not effectiveness.

What’s the long-term plan? What builds on what? How do you build assets and leverage instead of merely keeping busy?

And how can you tell if it’s working?


Serena Schuler: TV has a responsibility to create role models

Earlier this year, the creator of HBO’s Silicon Valley got defensive about the idea that his cast isn’t diverse enough, and not for the first time. He told the Hollywood Reporter:

“I  don’t think you do any service by pretending [Silicon Valley] is half  female or half black. And not to pin bouquets on ourselves here, but I  think we brought some attention to the gender imbalance by doing this  show.”

Ahhh,  yes the all important act of “raising awareness.” Because before this  show, everyone thought that Silicon Valley didn’t have a fetish for  young, white, nerdy men at all…